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Interpower® Accessory Power Strips Offer Global Connectivity



A major key for your company’s global success is product marketability—does your electrical design meet country-specific standards along with International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) versatility? An Interpower Accessory Power Strip (APS) simplifies power supply connections—it can open up new markets globally.

With a multitude of country-specific plug and socket patterns used worldwide, exporting overseas may appear too expensive to pursue. One solution to enter the global electrical market is to use Interpower Accessory Power Strips. An APS used with IEC 60320 components allow designers to design electrical equipment on a worldwide scale. Why export country-specific power cords to four separate countries and wire them to four separate systems when the APS requires only one cord set to connect to the primary country-specific power mains?

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Accessory Power strips are virtually electrical passports offering end users the versatility to connect to country-specific power mains without requiring reconfiguration. You simply plug the country-specific power cord set into the mains outlet. The other end is secured with an IEC 60320 connector that plugs into the APS.

Say you want to export to Denmark. Your country-specific 10A Danish cord set features a Danish plug for the power mains on one end, and an IEC C13 connector on the other. With an Accessory Power Strip, the C13 connector will fit the IEC C14 inlet on the APS. Now you can plug IEC 60320 jumper cord sets into the APS outlets to power multiple devices or equipment—the jumper cord sets contain IEC 60320 plug connectors on one end and IEC 60320 connectors on the other.

This is far less labor intensive than installing four country-specific cord sets with exposed wires on the ends to reconfigure to the equipment. It also gives a company the ability to offer a product that can be used in many different countries since it eliminates the need to keep all of the country-specific plugs in inventory—another cost-saving benefit.

Accepted worldwide, IEC 60320 components are a common connector interface which simplify the task of specifying a connector to use on a cord set—entire designs are built around IEC 60320 connectors. They aid in preventing improper connections by their design configurations and provide a uniform connector for similar voltages, thus ensuring a safe connection.

This global approach for exporting with the Accessory Power Strips works in nearly all countries with the minor exceptions of Japan and China.

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